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A guide for selling or closing your business

Selling or closing down a business can be a very emotional time. There is an excellent checklist on the ATO website – this article helps to explain some of the more confusing points that need to be addressed whilst selling/closing a business in Australia.

How to sell your business to a competitor

Competitors for your already-established business can make great buyers. By purchasing your business, competitors will be able to gain immediate benefits. They already have the manpower and expertise to run your business. In most occasions, all they would require would be a slight change in the branding of your business, and they would be all set. In Western Australia, competition might be fierce, and you may want to sell your business while you are still at a profit. Alternatively, you may be retiring and need to sell your business. Whatever the reason is, the following tips can help you get a great deal on how to sell a business today.

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