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I want to
grow my business.

No problem, we can help.

Getting an accurate initial business valuation enables you to find out where you stand and establish a starting point.

Initial Business Valuation

Once you have identified your business and personal goals, it's time to choose a growth package that best suits your circumstances.

Engage Growth Package

Once you have your business valuation in hand, you also have your starting point, from there, it's time to identify your goals.

Identify Growth Goals

Renew and review your business valuation so ensure you are on track and progressing the way you planned, and choose what's next.

Revalue and Choose What's Next

Supercharge the value of your business

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WA Business Valuations has teamed up with one of Perth’s leading digital marketing agencies to offer exclusive fixed-price packages to help Perth business owners accelerate growth. Together we have been helping Perth businesses across industries achieve high levels of growth for over 2 decades.

This industry-first partnership 
delivers exclusive access to valuation experts and digital marketing, working together, to achieve optimal growth for you and your business.

Accelerate growth TODAY with a customised strategy for your business

Two years? Five years? Maybe?

Then achieving the maximum growth possible is the best way to increase your valuation, FAST.  

Supercharge the value of your business NOW before you sell!

Here’s the massive issue with selling your business before you’ve maximised growth: you’re going to be losing money.


The worst part: someone else will come along and capitalise on all of your hard work and investment.

The answer: grow now, sell soon.

Considering selling your business?

We work backwards.

We leverage decades of valuation experience to identify the fastest way to increase the value of your business, and then we help you execute through: 

  • Monthly board meetings
  • Customised strategic planning
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Paid digital marketing traffic
  • Website analysis & optimisation
  • Branding development & enhancement
  • System & process review 

Our understanding of every factor that will influence your valuation provides you with a unique shortcut to increase the value of your business in the shortest possible time.

Here’s why our approach is SO different

In 2021, continued growth is critical to maximise the valuation of any business. Yet, many business owners are so busy running their businesses that they overlook proven strategies to accelerate growth.

Based on our experience, even the most successful Perth businesses leave large amounts of money on the table with an average approach to growth. Then, when they decide to sell their business, they miss out on the highest valuation. 

We’ve developed affordable fixed-price packages to meet the needs of all Perth business owners looking to increase the value of their business through sustained growth.

Book your initial consultation now to get started today.

We had a great experience in running the first valuation of our company since inception through the WA Business Valuation Services system. The process was simple and the outcome provided real comfort and insight.

I recently had a Business Valuation done by WA Business Valuations in West Leederville. Mathieu and the team there were extremely professional in dealing with everything that needed to be done in a specific time frame.

Gres Vukman

Martine Boys

Director – Resources WA

Business Owner


Simple. Affordable. Effective.