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Assessing the Value of a Business: 3 Key Factors

Purchasing or selling a business can be a significant undertaking, and assessing the value is crucial for both parties involved. While the business value is often perceived as the sum of its tangible assets, intangible factors and future potential play equally important roles in establishing its value. Key Factors Influencing Continue reading

What is a Business Valuation?

Business valuation is the process of determining the economic worth of a company.

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How To Sell Your Business

We’re often asked about the best way to sell a business. There are two key components at play in the sale of a business: structuring the transaction; and positioning the business to the market. Both elements are important and can significantly impact your result.


If your business value gap analysis reveals a shortfall in business value then you will need to implement business strategies to improve your profit before you sell.

Knowing what your business value needs to reach means you can calculate your future profit, gross margin and sales targets.


Many business owners are emotionally attached to their business and the lifestyle that it affords and can put off the transition to new ownership for too long. Often we hear “if someone offers me a packet for it, we would go” but there are two questions that should be asked. Firstly how big a packet can you expect for the business and how much do you need for your retirement?


You have worked hard to make your business the very best it can be and now it is time to make sure you get rewarded for all that effort. The price that you achieve is impacted by many factors.

Make sure you put your business in the driver’s seat for the best price by securing a business succession plan now.

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